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Halftime Report.

I'm five and a half months into what will probably be an eleven month trip, and just arrived in my fourth of probably six continents this trip, so I'm getting predictably nostalgic. It's hard to believe the wide range of things I've been lucky enough to do so far, from lifelong dreams to total surprises.

I have danced on beaches, helped write a cookbook, and played guitar. I have traveled in collectivos, micros, ferries, camper vans, ambulances, horse drawn carriages, taxis, coco taxis, classic car taxis, bici taxis, trains, truck beds, and good old fashioned buses. I have driven multiple vehicles on the left side of the road. I have gotten a filling replaced, spent the night in an ICU, and counseled diabetics. I have gotten my skirt caught in an escalator.

I have swum in an underwater cave, a regular cave, oceans, and the bases of waterfalls. I have walked, run, cycled, tubed, sailed, and scuba dived. I have cringed when I heard people say "America" when th…

Australian 101.

I thought when I got to Australia I could indulge in a little brain vacation because we all speak English. Turns out, none of us do! I speak US-ian and they speak Australian, and none of us actually speak England-ian. It's usually easy to translate -- if we just stop pronouncing our R's and start pronouncing our T's, we've pretty much got it. But sometimes it's not that easy. In the interest of keeping the memory alive, I took to writing down what I learned. Maybe it can do some fellow US-ians some good...

Gum tree.
Actually eucalyptus. Why it goes by "gum" is anyone's guess. Maybe the way koalas look when they chew the leaves? I just made that up, don't listen to me.

______ as.
Not "right as rain." Not "snug as a bug in a rug." Just "snug as." The weather is "hot as." The beach is "crowded as." Crowded as what, you ask? Don't.

I believe the literal translation is "cup of," but a…