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The Outline (So Far).

My apartment is covered, and I'm in the middle of buying my round the world ticket!!!  Eeeeee!!!  I figure that means now's as good a time as any to update the blog! I gave up trying to cram in every place in the world I've ever wanted to visit.  Instead I've just been piecing together the places I know I want to visit on this trip, and figuring I'll leave the in-between stuff a little more spontaneous.  I'm so so so excited about my skeleton so far! 1. Spanish school in Oaxaca, Mexico 2. Cuba!  No particular plans, but hopefully lots of dancing and lots of eating! 3. Helping with health education in Santa Cruz, Bolivia 4. Bolivia's Salt Flats 5. Argentina!  Hopefully something city-ish in Buenos Aires , and something farm-ish in Mendoza 6. New Zealand - ? - maybe farming? 7. The classic Australia camper van road trip -- Melbourne, Sydney, obviously scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef... 8. Layovers in Perth and Singapore because why not (mana