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The Jesus Trail.

I started thinking about hiking the Jesus Trail almost a year ago. I'd always wanted to see the actual sites of the Bible stories I'd grown up hearing. But a big tour group didn't seem right for me. I wanted more time for reflection, more flexibility, and more quiet. Enter the Jesus Trail. The Jesus Trail is a 65km hiking trail that takes you from Nazareth to Capernaum. This is a route likely walked by Jesus, as he grew up in Nazareth and later lived in the Capernaum area. Landmarks along the trail include the site of His first miracle (turning water into wine), the site of the feeding of the 5,000, and the Mount of the Beatitudes (blessed are the peacemakers, etc). But they also include olive trees, wheat fields, goats, and manure. To me, it was just as special to observe these mundane sights and sounds and smells that would have filled Jesus' senses throughout his life. The trail seems relatively underrepresented on the tourist circuit. We only met one other pi

India Photojournal.

I have visited some amazing places on this trip . Some have been charming, some welcoming, some delicious, some jaw-droppingly beautiful. But none as utterly picturesque as Patagonia and Vietnam . None that gave me quite such a sense of urgency to grab my camera, none that made me quite so scared to lose my memory card. None, that is, until I got to India. When I get home, I'll upload my photos and process them properly, and then will hopefully claw out of some of my trip debt by selling them on Etsy . Until then, enjoy my favorite views of India in all their rough draft splendor. By the way, I post lots more travel photos on Facebook and Instagram . And, as always, portraits are only taken with permission. Udaipur City of Lakes Delhi National Capital Territory Agra Land of Palaces Jaipur The Pink City Jaipur The Pink City Jaipur The Pink City Udaipur City of Lakes Delhi National Capital Territory