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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.

What exciting news!  I was thrilled to find out on Twitter that Elizabeth from Elizabeth and Dale Abroad nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!  Thanks so much, Elizabeth!!

This award is an opportunity for female travel bloggers to recognize each other, support each other, and get to know each other better.  I loved reading Elizabeth's answers, and it's been really fun to think about my own!  Plus, it's just really heartwarming to be so welcomed and supported by the female travel blogging community even though I'm so new to it!  You all are the best!

With that, let's get to it!  The procedure is simple.  Thank the blogger that nominated you.  Answer her 10 questions.  Nominate 10 female travel bloggers.  Ask them 10 new questions.

happy ladies on an air conditioned bus in Italy
My answers to Elizabeth's questions:

1. What is your favorite mode of transportation when you travel and why?
I have to be honest, I'm really over the super crowded overnight bus thing.  I tend to travel on a very tight budget, but transportation is my favorite splurge.  In an air conditioned bus or even a plane, I just feel safer, more comfortable, and much less carsick.

2. What type of travel do you prefer (jet setter, backpacker, weekend warrior, slow travel, beach, city, mountains, etc.) and why?
I'm a backpacker who seems to be turning into a "flashpacker" as I age (and now I'm cringing -- I'm definitely not cool enough to pull off that term).  I love traveling with friends, but most of my friends don't have as much time for travel as I do, so instead I make new friends on the road!  Hostels can be great for that, of course, but I also really like connecting with people in a less small-talk-y way.  I love work exchange programs like WWOOF because they allow me to get to know locals and travelers who share my interests, and also learn a lot and stay active -- and keep my costs down, of course!

3. Who is the most interesting person you met while traveling and why?
Thida, our Cambodian host
Ooh, this is such a good question!  I don't know if I can narrow it down to just one!  I tend to be really fascinated by the stories of older local people who have lived through things I can only imagine.  The pastor at a school for children with disabilities in a small low-income community in Peru who told us all about the life-saving miracles he'd seen.  The host in Cambodia who had lived through the Khmer Rouge -- though she didn't vocalize as many details as the pastor did, her eyes and her wisdom and her compassion told quite a story.  The straight women in the US who formed a domestic partnership to raise their children together as a family.  Most locals I meet while traveling have hugely interesting stories, really.  I'm just lucky when they choose to share them with me.

4. Would you rather have your flight delayed by 10 hours or have to fly 1 hour through bad turbulence and why?
Oh my gosh, definitely turbulence.  Unless it made me really motion sick... I'd do just about anything to avoid motion sickness.  But luckily turbulence doesn't really bother me.  Missing connecting flights and needing to troubleshoot a totally different arrival time?  That bothers me.

5. We all have our own preferences and experiences, but what is one place that you would prefer not to visit again? Why?
I guess it makes me a really lucky traveler that I have no idea how to answer this question!  There may be a few particular spots within a city that I've learned to avoid (like a hotel in Managua that totally ripped us off), but these bad experiences have never turned me off to an entire city/village/island/country.

dinner at the WWOOF farm in Greece
6. When we travel to other countries we learn how people do things differently than in our own home country. What is something you would like to take back to your home country that you learned while traveling abroad?
One big thing we in the USA could stand to learn -- and one of my favorite things about international travel -- is being in the moment.  When I am traveling, I never get an international phone plan, and I am constantly stimulated by new and different things.  So it makes sense that I am living in the moment more than I do when I'm stuck in my daily routine.  But it's not just my vacation mentality that allows me to be more present -- most of the countries I visit are just better at this than the US is.  People give each other their undivided attention.  They spend hours celebrating with each other.  They aren't always in a rush to be productive.  They aren't always in a rush to move on to the next new thing.  They know how to truly enjoy each other.  And they aren't constantly checking their phones.

7. What is your funniest ‘lost in translation’ moment while traveling?
My biggest problem in language learning is that I don't take the risks required to improve.  I am embarrassed by my lack of knowledge and my terrible accent, so I spend a lot of time silently smiling and nodding.  The good news is this means I don't have a really embarrassing "lost in translation" moment.  The bad news is this means I acquire languages much more slowly and less effectively than I otherwise would.  I'm trying to work on taking more risks!  Ask me again in a year!

8. Okay, my most serious question: How many pairs of shoes and what type of shoes do you pack for a trip that lasts longer than 1 week?
Haha, this is very serious!  I'm working on a post with my entire long-term travel packing list, so you'll see everything soon.  But here's a sneak peek: 4 pairs of shoes.  One pair of flip flops that works for the beach, the shower, and everyday use.  One pair of better sandals for more serious walking and for dressing up (kinda).  One pair of Tom's for everyday use and for sliding around the dance floor.  One pair of athletic shoes -- I'm currently on the lookout for some trail runners that don't look too touristy.

9. As a female traveler, what are your tips for warding off unwanted attention or what is the most creative way you let someone know you were not interested?
I actually travel with pepper spray.  It means always checking a bag, but to me it's worth it for the peace of mind.  The rest of my strategies aren't particularly creative or unique: pretending I have a husband nearby, avoiding eye contact, etc.  I try to arrive in a new destination in the daylight (even if it means paying a little bit more), and I usually take a cab or walk in a group if I'm out late.  Unfortunately, a lot of harassers can be very aggressive, and harassment is often much more about power than it is about attraction, so for safety reasons I try not to engage or confront them at all whenever possible.

our chocolate-making teacher in Nicaragua

10. What do you like to do when you are not traveling? Hobbies? Interests?
Traveling or not, I love food.  I'm really interested in sustainable agriculture.  Learning how to grow food, preserve food, cook food -- I love it all!  I also love to dance, I love working with kids, and I love reading.  Luckily for me, these all translate pretty well to traveling.  This year I plan to take dance classes in Cuba, WWOOF on a farm in Argentina, volunteer at a children's home in Thailand, and take cooking classes in India.  Some of my interests aren't quite as easy to keep up on the road, like spending time with friends and watching American football.  But I think I'll find a way!

Thanks so much again to Elizabeth for the nomination!

My nominations:

I'd love to hear from some of my favorite female travel bloggers...
1. Jenny at JennyRTW
2. Kendall at It Started in Mexico
3. Rebecca at ontheroadeatpraylovethehappinessprojectwild
4. Myriam at Pink Ankle Weights
5. Michelle at Intentional Travelers
6. Randi at Veggie Visa and Just a Pack
7. Petra and Veru at Simply Nomadic Life
8. Pola at Jetting Around
9. Claudia at My adventures across the world
10. Steph at Big World Small Pockets

My questions for you:

1. If you had to settle down (gasp!) somewhere that you've already been, where would it be and why?
2. What is the minimum amount of money you'd need per month to travel at your own personal comfort level?
3. How do you stay safe when traveling?
4. Tell me about some of your travel friendships.  How do you meet new friends on the road, and what types of adventures have you gotten into with new travel friends?
5. How do you plan for your travels?  How much of your travel time is planned out, and how much room do you leave for spontaneity?  What are your favorite travel planning resources?
6. If you could go back in time and give your new-traveler self one piece of advice, what would it be?
7. When you're on the road, what do you miss most from home?  How do you deal with this?
8. What is the most unusual must-have item on your packing list?
9. Why did you decide to become a travel blogger?  Has it lived up to your hopes?
10. What have you noticed about the community of women travelers?  What are some strengths?  What do you wish was different?

When you've written your post, please include a link in the comments below!!  Happy travels!!


  1. Hey!! Thank you for the nomination! So happy to be on your list.
    And love hearing that you carry 4 pairs of I don't feel so bad about all of mine! <3

    1. Haha, definitely don't feel bad! And I used to be even worse before I parted with my Rainbows, since I needed a separate pair of shower shoes!! I always think about ditching the Toms, but then what would I dance in?? ;-)

  2. Thanks so much for the nomination Lindsay, here are my answers :)

    1. Loved this!! Thanks for participating, it was so fun to read your responses! Happy travels!!

  3. Hi Lindsay! Thanks so much for answering my questions. Your answers were great! I agree that as Americans we do need to work on living in the moment more often. Also, thanks for your shoe response. For some reason my husband things I should be able to get by with only two pairs of shoes. I have yet to meet a female traveler with less than 3 pairs. I Ha ha! Thanks again for participating and I love your answers.

    1. Haha, seriously! How does your husband do it?? Once you pack athletic shoes and shower shoes, you're already at two! Then what?! :-)


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